Don't bury us yet, everyone! We're not gone forever. We're just hitting a rough patch getting our new server online. Hopefully, we won't be offline too long. There is a forum setup for getting updates, and you are welcome to use it to communicate with each other, too, while waiting for us to get all setup and going again.

temporary JF forum

Anything major will posted here, but that forum is the place to get details in the meantime.


We have a temporary installation of the Dreamwidth codebase up and running, but there is very little of our content on it. You can, however, use the lost info function on it and reset your password and do some basic posting on that installation. It's a place to do some basic things while we wait for an installation that has all of our past entries. Our temporary site is here:

We'll be back on once we have all of our content restored. In the meantime, feel free to use your account on